CEO's Message

Macsumsuk GM is a company that strives to share a healthy life with you.

Hello !

It's nice to see our customers online.

I welcome you to our website and wish I can become well acquainted with you through various information exchanges here.

Macsumsuk GM Co., Ltd. Has been sharing health with you for the last 30 years, since the establishment in 1986, by using far infrared radiation emitted from Macsumsuk.

I believe that all of us want to enjoy a good and healthy life amidst the rapidly changing world. In reality, through, we are living in an era of health uncertainties, with the air that we breath and the food that we eat contaminated with hazardous substances from household goods, chemical fertilizer, pesticides and antibiotic feeds that threaten our health.

To help protect your health and well-being in this era, we introduce eco-friendly products containing Macsumsuk, including Deep Sleep Bed, Medical appliances and household goods. Moreover, we want to become the cornerstone in providing safer foods with eco-friendly fertilizer and feeds.

As we have been doing for the past 30 years, we will strive to share a healthy life with you based on continuous research development and solid technological skils. I will always appreciate your encouragement and support.

Thank you.

Established Hwa Sung Industrial Co., Ltd.(Sinam-dong, Daegu-city)
Established Hwa Sung Mining Industry
Established Macsumsuk Infrastructure
Established Macsumsuk H.B.M Corporation
Completed the business management course for executives
Established Macsumsuk Medical Corporation
Received the Presidential Small and Medium Business Special Chairman's Award at the National Small and Medium Business Competition
Chosen as a New Intellectual
Received the Prime Minister's Award in 38th's Korea Invention Day
Received the Gyeongbuk National Governor's Award at the Gyeongbuk Small and Medium Business Competition
Chosen as a Neo-Intellectual at the Neo-Intellectual CEO Association of SMB
Received Vietnam War Veterans Merit and National Development & Dedication Merit
Received Grand Award for Venture Korea - Venture Total Companies
Received the Accident-free Quintuple Achievement Tower
Received the Honest Taxpayer Award from the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance and Economy
Awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in Korea Invention Day
Received the Korean Consumer Satisfaction Management Award
Awarded the Grand Prize by Korea Venture Business Association
Received the Award from Minister of Environment on Environment Day
Selected as a Korea Mid-sized Business by the Korea Mid-size Companies Association
Received the Order of Sports Merit from Mongolian government
Selected as "Pride" for export common brand by Gyeongbuk provincial government
Awarded a Prize from Minister of Knowledge and Economy in 36th Commerce and Industry Day
Appointed as President of Daegu Hyenpung Elementary School Alumni Association
Received the Grand Prize at the 2010 Korean Economic Leaders Awards in the Customer Satisfaction Management category (Joongang Iibo / Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Appointed as president of Daegu Daeryun Middle and High School Alumni Association
Appointed as a member of board of directors of Kyungbook National University Alumni Association
Appointed as vice president of Gyeongbuk "Pride" CEO Association
Appointed as honorary president of Daegu Daeryun Middle and High School Alumni Association
Appointed as president of Hyunpoong Kwak Clan's hometown family reunion association
Appointed as president of Gyeongbuk "Pride" CEO Association
Appointed as president of Korea-Senegal International Exchange Institution
Published CEO, Sung Gun, Kwak’s autobiography titled “Creating gold out of stone”
Received the “Grand Prize” for Korean Innovation Entrepreneur Award in the category of far infrared radiation
Awarded the “Grand Prize” for the 2017 Korean Top Leaders Competition in the category of national health promotion