Macsumsuk GM will play the role of locomotive in the development of the nation's economy and technology as a medium enterprise.

Effects of far infrared rediation on the human body

Macsumsuk is a mysterious rare earth mineral that breathes nature’s energy. Macsumsuk containing amphibole is a mysterious stone which emits more than 90% of far infrared radiation ranging from 8 to 11㎛.
Macsumsuk is a compound word of Macbansuk and Gaksumsuk, and a unique mineral which was registered as a trademark by Macsumsuk GM in 1995.

Energization of the cellular tissue

It strengthens the immunity and the body's natural healing ability by energizing the cellular tissue.

Elevation of the body temperature

Far infrared radiation, which is a heat ray, transfers heat deep into the body through the resonance action. Thus, it increases the body's temperature.

Promotion of the body growth

It promotes the body growth with growth rays.

Promotion of the blood circulation

It clears the bloody by dismantling intravascular waste and blood clots as well as promotes blood circulation by increasing the body temperature and expanding the blood vessels.

Promotion of the matabolism

It eliminates the toxins and heavy metals in the cells from the body and changes to weakly alkaline consitution by vitalizing the cellular tissues.

Relief of the pain

It alleviates severe pain in a short time.

Macsumsuk far infrared
radiation powder

The high quality Macsumsuk is produced in different grain sizes from fine to ultra-fine after buring at 950℃~1300℃ of combined/refined ingredients with their intended use through selection and various grinding processes.

Macsumsuk powder is manufactured with 100% of buring process to prevent its pollution by harmful bacteria and heavy chemicals during mining or shipping. Moreover, it is strictly managed by heating temperature, mixing formula and refining process with cutting-edge automatic facilities and measuring equipment. Therefore, it is manufactured to get the maximum effect of far infrared radiation with even a small amount of mixture.

Macsumsuk far infrared
radiation ceramics

Macsumsuk particles go through a compression molding process after basic processes of separation, burning, grinding, and then through formulation and refining processes of the necessary components according to the usage. The next step is the 1300℃ of burning process which enables the particles to emit around 10㎛ of far infrared radiation, the wavelength suitable for the human body and organic compounds. Some high-value products of Macsumsuk caramics contain silver.

Unlike the general wet or semi-dry molding process, Macsumsuk ceramics are produced through the dry molding process for a clean appearance, consistent specifications, higher durability by increased impact and compressive strength. Thus, they do not break easily. They are also strictly managed with a close inspection for production, specifications and the emission effect of far infrared radiation, and the high quality is guaranteed by carving the Macsumsuk brand logo onto each ceramic.

Macsumsuk far infrared radiation
foamed ceramic, ceramic ball

Macsumsuk foamed ceramic is a foamed carrier with dozens of ㎡ per 1g of Macsumsuk (non-standard formation) through a special molding and processing treatment.

The far infrared radiation is heightened and the effects of filtering/purification as well as absorption/elimination effect of noxious gases/germs/bed odor are excellent by numerous spiracle and the non-standard formation.

Macsumsuk ceramic ball has a specified size and shape with high strength and wear resistance. It can be made in different sizes upon the customer's request from 1mm of diameter depending on the usage. It eliminates the smell of chlorine when used in a water tank or filter, and the dissolved oxygen increases through the activation of water molecules which make the water weakly alkaline.

Feed Additives

Based on secure raw material from a self-owned Macsumsuk and Zeolite mines, Macsumsuk GM has developed functional feed additives in the name of "Growfeed" brand which shows improved effects in reducing harmful bacteria and fungus toxins by mixing with the formula feed, in addition, it has excellent effects as a meat quality enhacer and improves weigh gain.

Growfeed products have gained much world-wide attention as one of Korea's first ISO22000 and international GMP ceritified feed additives companies. Growfeed products are supplied to Nonghyup (state owned feedstuff company) and local governments as one of livestock farm supporting businesses to reduce fungus toxins and enhace a meat quality, and are exporting feed additive products to Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh.