Macsumsuk S·FEEL

Macsumsuk GM is a company that strives to share a healthy life with you.

Business Introduction

Introduction of Macsumsuk S·FEEL

Macsumsuk S·FEEL based on know-how in operating 167 places of "Macsumsuk far infrared room" nationawide since 1997 and experience in running 100 pieces of professional dealers for medical instruments nationawide since 2000 is a health promoting resting place for modern women which is operated by health care programs with database from customers who have purchased Macsumsuk products. It has equipment for beauty and healthy body shape to experience actual health effects on free. Macsumsuk S·FEEL is a system where various household good & thermal products can be purchased without restriction and a franchise business which is easy even for the beginner to run.

Business feature of Macsumsuk S·FEEL
Utilization of optimal equipment
Exhibition and sale of beauty & health products at fixed price
Various medical instruments, Beauty products, Diet aids Bed, Thermal products, Household goods
  • 1. The basis of trust is accumulated 30 years of know-how and technological skills.

    2. Adopted and implemented one to one (1:1) customized management system.

    3. Offers mileage bonus system to give benefits at time of repurchase.

    4. Builds programs for the measurement and development of brainwave.

    5. Body fat is analyzed by body fat analyzer and managed.

    6. Good health care is provided by a blood flow measuring device and a thermal burn measuring device.

  • CI / BI of Macsumsuk S·FEEL
    CI / BI of Macsumsuk S·FEEL
  • Internal view Internal view Internal view Internal view Internal view
  • 체지방분석

    Analysis of body fat

    • Muscular development and body fat distribution in body parts are checked by body region hazard analysis. Body measurement shows differences in body composition.
    • Skeletal muscle mass shows the condition of body compositon. Fat analysis of skeletal muscle shows the balance between fat mass and weight.
    • Inbody score which expresses the condition of body compostion numerically.
      Nutritional evaluation of body type and body compostion based on BMI and percentage of body fat.
      Check and analysis of body balance, blood pressure and various body information.

    Brainwave program

    • Brainwave is an important means to examine the activating condition of brain. Brainwave can be detected by reaction of given learning situation and it is amplified by EEG which is a measuring device for brainwave. The data of brainwave is analyzed by a measurement program and the activating condition of brain (attention concentration, tension, stress, energy and etc.) for the test subject is examined with scientific and objective data.

    Mileage bonus program

    • Mileage bonus program is a system that increases the efficiency of business by providing customer management program, sales management program, attendance management program, mileage bonus management program to anywhere the internet is accessible.
  • 체형교정

    Correction of body type

    Realigns spine deformity by hanging upside down and rock / Treats abdominal obesity / Gets into slim and healthy body type.

    웰리온 돔

    Wellion dome

    Consists of Macsumsuk hexagonal ceramics which radiate 99℃ of heat and contain high emissivity of far infrared radiation.
    Helps the improvement of abdominal obesity, bowel function, blood circulation and the promotion of metabolism.


    Sitting fumigator

    Multi functional product made from retinispora.
    Sitz bath by Far infrared radiation / Skin care / Indoor purification / Light decorations.


    Antiaging effect

    Consists of Macsumsuk jewel ceramics (144 pcs) which radiate heat and contain high emissivity of far infrared radiation.
    Antiaging product which is excellent in skin enhancement with 4 different LED colors.


    Medical appliances, Bed

    • Licensed medical products from Korean FDA
    • Helps to improve blood circulation, Excellent effects in alleviating pain
    • Increases natural Alpha wave by inducing a deep sleep
    • Improves learning ability of students
    • Reduces middle age's stress
    • Resolves insomnia
    온열 건강제품

    Thermal products

    • Consists of Macsumsuk hexagonal ceramics which radiate heat and contain high emissivity of far infrared radiation.
    • Improves abdominal obesity and bowel function.
    • Promotes metabolism.